Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition Will Expand Your Wardrobe

For a hefty sum, that is
Ultra Limited Edition

Capcom has updated the Devil May Cry 5 site with the Ultra Limited Edition for the true fans of the franchise. If you had expected this version to collect an outrageous amount of in-game goodies, you are very wrong. The company has decided to go a different route and instead had included the outfits of the protagonists for the players to wear!

There are three different versions of this Ultra Limited Edition, one for each of the protagonists. This is where the good news end and the reality begins: so far it is unknown if this Edition will be sold outside of Japan. And, even if it will be, the issue of the price remains.

The cheapest of the three, dedicated to V, will cost you about $5,300. Nero’s jacket will require coughing up $6,700. Dante’s flamboyant outfit wins the ball with the price being $8,000. The whole wardrobe will be just short of $20,000 if you are willing to go for it.

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