DNF Duel Announced as a Spin-Off of Dungeon Fighter Online

During a recent Dungeon & Fighter Universe Festival in South Korea, Nexon surprised fans with its announcement of DNF Duel. The upcoming game is considered a spin-off of the wildly popular Dungeon Fighter Online. The game is being developed by Nexon subsidiary, Neople, which will work cooperatively with Japanese studio, Arc System Works Co. Ltd., which is well-known for its work on a variety of fighting games.

There are literally no other details available beyond the fact that the game will be a 2D fighting game experience that will be likely to feature characters from DFO as well as impressive graphics and fighting animations. Nexon has promised to reveal more in the coming months.

The news about DNFD should be exciting to fans of Dungeon Fighter Online. It is considered one of the most-played games on the planet and has been so for years. You can bone up on your lore of the game universe to prepare for DNF Duel by visiting the Dungeon Fighter Online site.

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