DNF Duel – Check Out the Teaser Trailer

The developers of the upcoming fighting DNF Duel have shared a new teaser trailer to keep players on their toes. A spin-off of Neople’s multiplayer brawler Dungeon Fighter Online, DNF Duel will shake up PC via Steam, PS4 or PS5 on June 28th.

The teaser trailer features a number of previously revealed characters, including Inquisitor, Berserker, Crusader, Ghostblade and more. You can check out the play videos of the CrusaderHitmanGrappler & Striker, RangerKunoichi as well as Inquisitor & Berserker. The latest character to get his own gameplay video was the Ghostblade and his Ghost deliver.

Stay tuned to find out who’s next and what the developers have in store.

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