DNF DUEL Shared AWT Trailer And Revealed Release Date

Following the reveal of Ghostblade play video, the developers of the upcoming fighting DNF DUEL have shared a new trailer and the official release date of the game. DNF Duel is a spin-off of Neople’s multiplayer brawler Dungeon Fighter Online that will shake up PC, PS4 or PS5 on June 28th.

The revealed trailer gives a glimpse of fighting amongst a variety of characters, including the un-announced ones. Previously the developers have shared the play videos of the CrusaderHitmanGrappler & Striker, RangerKunoichi as well as Inquisitor & Berserker.

The bigger part of the trailer is dedicated to the most recent addition, Ghostblade, and his impressive skillset that allows him to summon a Ghost to deliver their strikes as one.

Stay tuned to find out more.

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