Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Trailer Peeks Inside The TARDIS

Playstack has dropped a Doctor Who: The Edge of Time trailer and fans can take a peek inside the TARDIS. Remember to mind the gap, things may be bigger than they appear,

Recently unveiled by publishers Playstack and developers Maze Theory, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time lands on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Vive Cosmos in September 2019. The adventure takes players through a VR adventure that features a whole host of the Doctor’s most iconic enemies. Adventurers will take on a horror VR experience as the Weeping Angels descend and you might find yourself behind the couch as the highly detailed recreations of Dalek soldiers march into your living room. These are just a couple of the alien species that Doctor Who: The Edge of Time includes and, of course, this title brings fans of the Gallifreyan hero into the TARDIS.

Bigger On The Inside

The latest trailer for the new Doctor Who VR game steps inside the most detailed recreation of the Doctor’s home to date. It gives players the chance to co-pilot the TARDIS with the Doctor, voiced by current incarnation Jodie Whittaker. Check out the video, above, before you get hands-on in September.

Even better, Whovians that can’t wait to explore every nook and cranny of the TARDIS can get in early if they attend SDCC. Traverse time and space, land at SDCC and go to the BBC AMERICA Booth (#4129). You’ll find a sneak peek of the iconic TARDIS and brand-new title sequence created just for the game.

Are you excited about the newest Doctor Who experience? Could this licensed maybe be the sort of game that really builds the sort of experience fans are used to seeing from behind the sofa in a way that other titles haven’t really managed as yet? Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is coming September 19 and you can find out more from the official website now.

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