Dodgeball Rising Gives You A Chance to Exact Revenge


If you were one of those kids in grade school who was always the dodge ball target, you want to take note. Happinet has announced that Dodgeball Rising has entered Early Access and provides you a chance to plot revenge…even if only virtually.

In the game, you and up to five others take on the role of any one of a number of characters including Sushi Chef, Kabuki Entertainer, Sumo Wrestler and more. You’ll want to take out the opposition as quickly as possible too.

Dodgeball Rising

Here’s the official PR on the game:

  • Key Features: 
    A Remarkable Roster: Choose from 11 unique Dodgeball warriors from all walks of life — each with different playstyles and skillsets, including Samurai, Ninja, Sushi Chefs, Kabuki Entertainers, Sumo Wrestlers, and more!
  • Become a Hero: Using the different stats, play styles and unique skills of each character, you can become a hero with your own distinctive play style.
  • Various Offensive Actions: Work with teammates for consecutive shots, tricks, slow shots and other moves to surprise your opponents and keep them on their toes.
  • Arcade Mode: Enter the Ultimate Imperial Dodgeball Tournament in this single player mode, and unique story for each character.
  • Simple Rules: Victory is defined simply by taking down your opponents. Outlast your opponents by playing well on the court.
  • Offline and Online Multiplayer: The game can be played locally or online with up to 6 players. AI players can be called in to fill empty slots.
  • Amazing Specials: Build up your Rising Gauge to unleash a variety of over-the-top special moves and attacks to defeat your opponents.

If you’d like to know more, you can head to the Steam page or the official site.

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