Dog of War – Four Legs Are Better Than Two

Dog of War

PlayStation Europe brought forth a grim and dark trailer, presenting the undoubtedly best game of 2018: Dog of War.  Ever wanted to stretch your paws in an epic stroll across 9 worlds? Then Dog of War is the game for you.

Living as a dog outside the shadow of the gods, Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar kennels, unexpected walkies and a second chance at being petted. Together with his son Atreus, the pair will venture into the realm of Muttgard and fight to fulfill a deeply personal game of fetch

If you are worried that the standard version of the game might feature not enough bork, check out our review or visit the official site:

What’s particularly striking about the experience is how well done the storytelling isThe studio has embraced the adage of  “show don’t tell,” often relying on actions – like the reaching and withdrawing of a hand, the scowl of a man struggling to make the right choices as a father in a world that cares little for sentiment. The world building and environmental storytelling are also far better than ever before, leading you off the beaten path to discover little nuggets of story, lore, treasure.

God of War abandons the scripted level structure of the prior games, instead opting for a pseudo-open world. It’s still a guided experience with a well-defined and delivered main campaign, but from the outset you’re shown things you can’t yet access, given kill labors, and shown the rewards of exploration with collectables and hidden chests. As you explore, you’ll meet new characters offering side quests for experience and money. For all of those tangible, progression creeping rewards, I found myself drawn more by the opportunities to dig deeper into a fascinating new setting for the God of War franchise.

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