Doki Doki Literature Club Is Getting An Update

doki doki literature club

Cult Classic Doki Doki Litterature Club is ready to call a new after school meeting as a new chapter hits later in 2020.

Developer Dan Salvato dropped a snippet of information that can give fans of the sur[rising narrative tale hope for later this year. The creator of Doki Doki stated that he wanted to return to making games in the post and specifically pinpointed some new DLC for the aforementioned title.

While he also has plans to create a brand new Visual Novel, we can look forward to an update to Doki Doki before this begins. We don’t have any more updates on the context of this DLC or the cost but it’s enough to know that it will be coming to keep us on tenterhooks.

Do not expect a happy go lucky return to high school if you pick up this DLC, however. Originally released back in 2017 for PC, Mac, and Linux systems, this post modern take on the slice of life visual novel was the antidote to a saccharin soaked genre. Now a cult classic, the title finds players in a literature club, trying to tease their way through a maze of high school relationships. Thing’s aren’t quite what they seem though and besides the bright exterior, more than a few dark turns come into play. It’s one of the more unexpected twists on the traditional visual novel we’ve seen here at Gamespace and while KFC’s I Love You Colonel Sanders certainly serves up something unexpected, Doki Doki Litterature Club is the sort of game that really needs to be played to be understood. You can find out more about Doki Doki, grab the game for free, or pick up the fan pack for £6.99 or local equivalent by heading over to the Steam Store page right now.

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