Donkey Kong Country 3 Coming To Switch Online

Nintendo is rounding up a trio of Donkey Kong titles with the addition of Donkey Kong Country 3 to the Nintendo Switch Online Library during December.

Nintendo has just confirmed the December updates for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and it looks like a festive treat for fans of Donkey and Diddy. Headlining the end of year update has to be the addition of Donkey Kong 3, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System title that, while not quite as beloved as the first two Donkey Kong Country titles, the third of these is still a great way to round off the iconic trio of platforming adventures.

This entry in the Dk franchise features Kiddy Kong and Dixie Kong out on an adventure to rescue the now abducted Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Developed by Rare, it features the same pre rendered 3D animation that made an entry into previous iterations and will be available as of today for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers.

This isn’t the only new game to the online library of over 90 games. Alongside the third Donkey Kong Country title, subscribers will also get access to The Ignition Factor, a game about putting down fires. Think EMBR but not as tongue in cheek. There is also Super Valis IV, a side-scrolling action platformer, Tuff E Nuff, a fighting game that definitely shows its age, and Nightshade, a NES title that has my own interest piqued. Taking on the role of a wannabe vigilante, players in Nightshade take on a mix of action and point n click crime-fighting all while under threat from a range of crime syndicates and some awful puns.

If you’re ready to grab any of these retro titles then you’ll find them on your Switch, via the Nintendo Switch Online library on 18 December.

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