Don’t Even Think about skipping this asymmetrical PvP survival game

Don't Even Think

Don’t Even Think is a PS4 asymmetrical PvP survival game from Perfect World Games and Dark Horse Studio. A new update has been deployed to the game that is completely based on player feedback. Of particular note, players will see the addition of new abilities, an optimized tutorial system, and new game features.

Don’t Even Think is a free to play game that is seeking to redefine the battle royale concept. Players take on the role of either a werewolf or a human. Werewolves have to find rotten bodies and drink blood to become more powerful. The key is to hunt them down to get what’s needed.

In the latest update, several changes have been made to both humans and werewolves. Werewolves will have the new Wolf Howl ability and Olfaction, the latter helping them to find humans. In addition, a number of tweaks have been made to existing skills.

Human players will now be able to communicate with other nearby humans in voice chat. Those who are defeated will be able to either exit the game or enter Observation Mode to assist remaining humans.

“Along with the updates for humans and werewolves, a newly optimized tutorial is also available allowing players to toggle the “no longer show” option to remove the pop-up tutorial tips. Players will also be able to get helpful information when targeting objects such as bonfires, data collectors or apple trees.”

About Don’t Even Think

A list of features includes:

  • Asymmetrical competitive PvP gameplay
  • Choose to play as a human or werewolf
  • Gather resources or mark enemies to ensure your survival
  • Stave off the cold as a human in warmer shelters while fighting off attacking werewolves
  • Smartly hunt clustered humans as a werewolf to stop them escaping
  • Fight off werewolves and enemy human teams in order to escape on the rescue helicopter with limited space


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