Doom 3: VR Edition Coming to PSVR

Doom 3: VR Edition is coming to Sony’s PSVR when Hell arrives in your front room next month.

Just days after confirming that the PS5 would get its own next generation VR headset sometime in the future, Sony shone the spotlight on its current VR platform with a special PSVR spotlight today. In among the announcements was a confirmation of something unique for FPS fans. Doom 3: VR Edition is coming to the PSVR on the 29 March 2021. While Doom 2016 and Doom: Eternal are busy running rampant on the flat screen, there’s not a VR equivalent for Sony’s own consumer base. Now gamers with a PSVR will soon be able to step into the well worn boots of The Doom Marine and blat your way through the remnants of an overrun UAC facility.

Doom 3: VR Edition takes the original release of Doom 3 and all of its expansions from back in Date and wraps them around your world for a claustrophobic encounter full of eerie corridors and grotesque demons. The two expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, might not look quite as stunning as Doom: Eternal but even the Switch port of last years stunning shooter managed to show that gameplay is more important than graphics. The new VR edition of this classic shooter brings plenty of new gameplay enhancements to the experience, allowing players to peer round corners, fire angled shots, and utilize full 360 degree coverage to catch demons skulking in the dark corners of your peripheral vision.

When it first arrived on PC, Doom 3 was a definite slat towards the dark horror side of Doom and that atmosphere is probably going to be enhanced in this exclusive PSVR launch. If you’re not partial to a bit of scream and shoot then Sony also dropped details on a bunch of other PSVR titles including Arizona Sunshine: After the Fall and an intriguing VR MMORPG called Zenith that might very well succeed where our experience with Nostos missed the mark. Find out even more about these new PSVR titles over at the official Sony blog now.

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