DOOM & DOOM II now feature 60 FPS support


Thanks to a fantastic new update by Bethesda, both DOOM and DOOM II now feature 60 FPS support as well as a new Quick Save function. The big update is available for all versions of both games.

Other components of this week’s update include:

  • Add-on Support: Players can download add-ons directly from the main menu. The launch day WADS include John Romero’s SIGIL and several other megaWADS. More will be added over time and the team will be soliciting input from the community about other WADS they’d like to see included in the list.
  • Both games now feature native 60 FPS support. This is a pretty significant increase from the original 35 FPS.
  • Quick Save Option: As the name implies, players can perform a quick save any time the game is paused. It saves the current position and reloading a game from a save point is a simple click.
  • Quality of life improvements include Quick Weapon Select, improved Level Select, Aspect Ratio/Brightness options, a split-screen HUD, SFX Pitch Toggle, performance optimization, bug fixes, and more.

Check out the full patch notes on the DOOM official site.

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