Doomcar Drives into Sight For Pre-registration


Grab the keys to your own love mobile as Doomcar opens up pre-registration for this gas guzzling mobile game.

Coming out of Yoozoo games, Doomcar is a very different type of mobile game. If you feel that 3D anime adventures like Saint Seiya are a little on the slow side then you’ll be able to take things up a gear when Doomcar arrives later this year. Set in the year 2057, this is a world where space vessels of unknown origin suddenly appear on earth and lay waste to our modern society,

Accelerating Into View

With limited resources and no functioning electronics available, players are forced to battle for the scraps that remain. Over 100 vehicles are available to collect and upgrade to give you “MORE POOOOWER” and turn you into a Clarkson-esque gearhead. Throughout the game, drivers can source new equipment or do what we do in Glasgow, pinch it forms when the NPCs aren’t looking. Beyond this, you’ll be able to tailor war chariot battle formations, individual driver skills, professions, affinities as the open road stretches out before you playing single player missions and the rogue-like Forbidden Zone in your path. There’s even cooperative, PvP, and clan vs clan modes for drivers to try out if their mechanism dinosaur doesn’t seem like it’s had enough of a challenge.

Doomcar is a mad max mix of high octane motorized combat and strategic RPG. I’m not even sure how this monstrosity of an idea got going but I’m sure that is is not your normal mobile strategy game. The title looks like it’s going to be free to play but we don’t have final confirmation on the price or play model quite yet. Anybody who wants to get in on this pre-registration can head over to the Gooogle Play Store or keep an eye on the official Facebook page for iOS related updates.


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