Doom’s SIGIL Suffers Another Delay

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SIGIL is intended to be a free “megawad” (fan made patch) created by John Romero for the original DOOM® from 1993. It will contain nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels.

Initially, when announced back on December 10th of last year, in celebration of Doom’s 25th anniversary, the free megawad was to be released in mid- February of 2019. In February it was announced that the fan boxes, and megawad, wouldn’t ship until April. April is now a week old and now the patch, more specifically the pre-purchased physical editions have run into some rough waters, again. The Romero Games website tells us:

UPDATE April 7, 2019: Due to a delay in physical production of some of SIGIL’s pieces, fan boxes will ship in the first week of May. The free megawad will be made available one week after fan boxes begin shipping so paying customers can play SIGIL first.

The fan boxes were available in two editions, a “Beast Box Edition” and “Standard Edition”. Both look beautiful, based on the prototypes pictured below. Unfortunately, pre-orders on them closed last December. Let’s hope that fans can actually get them next month as the wait is sure to be worth it!

SIGIL Doom Boxes Mock-up

About SIGIL:

SIGIL™ is a free megawad created by John Romero for the original 1993 DOOM®. It requires that players own the original 1993 registered version of DOOM® in order to play. SIGIL™ is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of DOOM® and picks up where the original left off.

SIGIL™ also releases in two limited edition fan boxes created by Limited Run Games. The fan boxes feature music by Metal guitar legend Buckethead, including a custom song written expressly for SIGIL™. The cover art is by Christopher Lovell whose iconic, detailed work has been featured on numerous Metal albums.

To learn more and to read an interview with John on the megawad, head HERE!

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