DOTA 2 Introduces Foxy New Character Named Hoodwink


DOTA 2 has been updated to bring a brand new character into the game. “Hoodwink”, a foxy archer type, came as part of the Mistwood Update that also introduced the new Aghanim’s Shards in-game currency that can be spent 20 minutes into each match to add a new ability or improve an already-existing ability.

Hoodwink’s earliest years were spent in the idyllic expanse of green that once filled the edges of Krimwohl. But as that kingdom grew, rival timber barons raced to outpace each other in devouring the natural beauty of the border forests. The folk living in these timberlands had little choice but to surrender, fall defending their homes, or flee north to tempt fate in the haunted glens and groves of the misty Wood Tomo’kan.

Having learned the tricks of safe passage in the tangles of those very mistwoods, where most living creatures wisely fear to tread, Hoodwink now strikes out against any who dare try to further pacify the wilds — happily taking what she likes from their belongings, destroying what she has no use for, and helping guide any kindred survivors back to a life in the green once again.

As for the Aghanim’s Shards, Valve had this to say about the new MOBA currency:

  • Added a new item: Aghanim’s Shard
  • Costs 1400 Gold. All heroes have their own custom shard upgrade as part of this update which permanently adds a new ability or improves an existing one. Can be purchased starting at 20 minutes and gets consumed immediately when it’s given to your hero (like Aghanim’s Blessing).
  • You can now check what Scepter and Shard upgrades do for the selected hero directly in the Hero UI, next to their abilities, as well as which ones are active. Consumed Scepter buffs no longer show up as a buff icon mixed in with other buffs. Alt-Clicking on the Scepter and Shard UI will notify your allies whether the selected hero owns that upgrade.

Check out the rest of the update notes by visiting the DOTA 2 official site.

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