Dr. Mario World Will See You In July

Dr. Mario World is coming to cure your bout of boredom. The long-serving professional plumber is coming back to dispense more puzzling capers on Android and iOS on 10 July.

Originally appearing on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Dr. Mario’s first outing was a match-three puzzle adventure modeled after emerging puzzle games of the time. The 1990s brain teaser pit players against a range of color-coded viruses. Players could eliminate them by matching them with similarly colored capsules, thrown into play by Dr. Mario. The game might sound awfully familiar now, but it was a massive success in its day, clocking in as one of Nintendo’s top-selling games on the NES. Now Dr. Mario World is bringing the match three medical puzzles onto mobile with Dr. Mario World.

First revealed in January, and following hot on the heels of yesterday’s Mario royale, a brand new trailer heralds the imminent release of Dr. Mario World and it is not exactly how we remember it. Taking a look at the first glimpse of gameplay, it appears that players will no longer manage colored capsules as they drop into the screen. Instead, players are expected to make use of their mobile touch screen, dragging capsules directly up and into place. This adventure takes place over a whole range of worlds, with multiple characters and a range of special bonus abilities to help players through their adventure. Nintendo or not, there still appear to be match three elements in play and this mobile title has obvious free to play elements. Action timers, premium currencies, and the dreaded stamina system look like they are all here.

From our experience, in games such as Dragalia Lost, Nintendo does a better job than most at balancing these freemium demands. Does this mean that Dr. Mario World is the right prescription for my morning commute? You can check out the trailer and make your own mind up. You can also find out more about the game via the official Dr. Mario World website.

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