Dr Who The Edge of Time Lands Tomorrow

Dr Who The Edge of Time s about to take players on a new VR adventure.hen the Time Lord herself embarks on an epic VR adventure, and it arrives on 12 November.

Developed by Maze Theory and brought to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos, by publisher Playstack the latest adventure of our favorite Gallifreyan is an epic adventure that will drag players across time and space. Putting explorers at the heart of the experience, this VR adventure comes will find players shuffling through the streets of Victorian London, rescuing a stranded space cruiser, and exploring Egyptian tombs. It isn’t all search and rescue, however. The Doctor’s rogue gallery brings some terrifying villains that become even more threatening as you enter the Tardis in three dimensions. Each companion can expect to pilot a Dalek shell and face off against the deadly Weeping Angels.

While the horror of an angel isn’t o my wish list, Dr Who The Edge of Time is an opportunity for fans of the show to pilot the Taris, wield the doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and interact with the woman in a box. This game’s Doctor comes fully voiced by Jodie Foster, the current TV Doctor, and features a story written by Gavin Collinson, Digital Producer for Doctor Who. With some serious talent behind the scenes, Dr Who The Edge of Time looks set to be a uniquely authentic experience and one of the most immersive ways to defeat the Doctor’s foes.

If you have an urge to steal a Tardis and just run away then you can check out more about the game in the launch trailer, above. Alternatively, you can spend the rest of your time over at the game’s official website. Just remember, whatever you do don’t blink!

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