Dragon Age 4? Well, Maybe, Maybe Not According to Mike Laidlaw


For a couple months now, fans of the Dragon Age series of games have been hyped about Dragon Age 4. The rumors began to swirl after BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw teased fans about a DA project in the works. Most assumed that this meant a sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition, aka Dragon Age 4.

But then there’s this:

Laidlaw’s rather terse answer came in response to a fan asking if DA4 would begin before the Trespasser DLC for DAI.

Dragon Age 4…er…whatever

What we now understand from Laidlaw’s posting is that there is something coming in the world of DA, though what it is remains a mystery. So here’s a little speculation:

  • The DA Trading Card Game
  • DA GO! An Augmented Reality Game
  • DA the Tabletop RPG
  • World of DA the MMO
  • Death to Dragons the ARPG
  • Thedas Rising, the cRPG

I suppose the most annoying thing about all this is the fact that BioWare knew that rumors were flying about DA4. However, they let them fly without rebuttal. Perhaps it was a way to mitigate all the upset fans from Mass Effect: Andromeda — a way to deflect the criticism and give hope to unhappy players. Whatever the reasons were, it was kind of shady to not disabuse people of the notion.

Does it mean DA4 isn’t in the works? Not at all. But, come on, BioWare. Confirm or deny it or at least tell us what the new game is, dammit. Don’t leave us hanging on a thread of hope.

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  1. Well there’s already a Dragon Age RPG so scratch that one.

    I vote for the Dragonwatch game, just like Overwatch but with more Dragon Age.

  2. I’m definitely excited to eventually play DA4 since I enjoyed the 3 prior. But I won’t lie and say I’m not still a bit salty about how they decided to basically shelf any DLC or further content for ME:A. Will they just do the same to DA4 if it doesn’t meet their investors expectations?

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