Dragon Age 4 Senior Creative Director Leaves Bioware

Dragon Age 4 Senior Creative Director Leaves Bioware

Worrying news for the fans of all things Thedas comes from developer Bioware. According to Kotaku, senior creative director of the Dragon Age series, Matt Goldman, left the company after “mutually agreeing to part ways”. The portal also provides a letter sent by Bioware studio GM Gary McKay.

Just last week Matt Goldman was excitedly tweeting about his love for the Dragon Age franchise:

His departure seems especially worrying considering the number of high-level devs that have left the company over the last few years, such as Jonathan Warner, Casey Hudson, Mike Darrah, and many others.

At the moment, there is not much known about Dragon Age 4. The developers have shared the 4-minutes-long behind-the-scenes video, a number of short stories and a bunch of concept art. All of it is enough to fuel the speculations, but not enough to give us a glimpse of what really is to come. Two things for certain: our path will be leading to Tevinter and we will be witnessing Dread Wolf Rising.

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