Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Trailer Shows A Lot of Explode-y Action


During yesterday’s events at the Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco showed off a brand new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer. After watching it, you’ll see that all things blow up! YAY!

Dragon Ball Fighterz

You’ll find a lot to like in the new DBF, most notably the number of platforms it’s going to be out on. You’ll be able to fire up your fists on both PlayStation 4 and XBox One as well as on Windows PC.

During the game, you’ll choose three characters to play. You’ll control one at a time, however you can switch them out at any time during the fight. In addition, you can “call” a second character from time to time to use an “Assist” skill. To win, you have to beat all of your enemy’s heroes.

So the plot. According to Wikipedia, it’s pretty simple. “Goku and his friends must fight a new battle against a revived Android 16 and an army of super androids designed to resemble and fight like them.” And things blow up. That’s important too.

You may be wondering when DBF will be out. No specific date is yet known, but Bandai Namco is touting “early 2018” and preorders are already available.

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