Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review

The room rocked back and forth as you slowly open your eyes. There are no windows on the walls, however, there is an iron door in front of you with a guard standing just beyond it. The guard leads you to the deck of a ship full of baddies, and he wants you to work for him. You do a few tasks to keep yourself alive and then a storm picks up intensity and the ship is wrecked. You wake up on an island and discover one survivor from the wreck and one more person who has no memory.  This is our Dragon Quest Builders 2 review.

From Developers Square Enix Co. LTD and Omega Force, and Publishers Nintendo and Square Enix Co. LTD enter the second game in the Dragon Quest Builders line with Dragon Quest Builders 2. This story takes place many years after the original and the island you end up on is a mess. There is nothing living on this island and it is your mission to rebuild it. You have to seek out people on different islands to bring green and more back to the island that you have just inherited from a spirit who haunts the island. Along with another shipwrecked person and your new friend, which showed up out of nowhere, you set out to try and save your world and to defend it from the evil forces of Hargon.


The mechanics from the first game are migrated easily into the second game as you begin your new journey to become a master builder. I love how the gameplay is so much Dragon Quest mixed perfectly with the Minecraft type building style. You learn new recipes in different ways. You can earn them by leveling up, collecting materials that give you the recipe, and from characters, you meet around the map. It is a very straight forward way to make it through the game. The recipes are anywhere from weapons to different things like scarecrows and walls. The further you go into the game the more you will learn and be able to complete your assigned missions.

Like any normal RPG, you will be able to fight enemies across the maps you go to. There are minor creatures that you fight in real time, and then there are boss level creatures that present you with a small cut-scene or text chat with you first, and then they strike. The lower level creatures are fairly easy to fight off, while the boss level ones will take a bit more damage than the others. As you level up through experience points you will also learn recipes for new weapons. These new weapons will help you defeat the enemies much quicker. That is a very good thing, especially when there are some early level baddies that are very powerful. There are also enemies that are super easy to kill but attack in swarms, for example, there are Ants on the first Island that will mass attack you to protect their stuff.


The material collection system in this game is very simple as well. Once you obtain your hammer you will be able to use it to smash rocks, dirt, trees, and everything else you can think of in the game. There comes a time where you need to use a less firm touch on things such as plants. When you harvest plants you will want to use your stick weapon to not ruin the plants. Mechanics like this are what keep me playing this game. The story is compelling but building up your bases and other areas are just as fun for me.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PlayStation 4 with a code provided by PR.


Overall, playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 is just as fun, if not more fun than the first one. At a selling price of $59.99 USD, it is well worth the money. The main thing that has been drawing me to the Dragon Quest games of late is the use of characters that look like they are from Dragonball Z, which you can thank Akira Toriyama for. It is fun to create characters that are not something you know but to pretend they are something you know. I realize a lot of people will not pick up a game because of one man, but I know a lot of people who would.
  • Great RPG Story
  • Building mechanics are on point
  • Many recipes to learn
  • Building aim is a little touchy
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