Dreadlands Is In Early Access Today

Dreadlands, the post apocalyptic strategy from Fatshark and Blackfox Studios, is out today for PC.

Published by the same team that brought us the outstanding Vermintide franchise, Dreadlands is a strategy title that takes things out of the Warhammer universe and into a post apocalyptic future. Instead of the first person smash and smash of earlier Fatshark games, Dreadlands is a top down skirmish game that challenges players to survive the ravages of a future gone very wrong.

Set in a massive shared world, the Dreadlands is an environment where life and death revolve around the constant struggle for Glow, a resource as valuable as it’s enigmatic. Mercenaries on the hunt for Glow can head out from today and get a head start on their enemies. After the last few years in development and testing, the excitement seems to be mounting at Fatshark.

“Today is the day we open the doors for everyone to play Dreadlands, and we have been looking forward to sharing the experience with all fellow gamers.” says Peter Nilsson, Founder, and Creative Director Blackfox Studios.

If you chose to get in and get Glow then you can expect to build a band of rag tag guns for hire as you explore the diverse biomes of the Dreadlands. To gather Glow you’ll need to overcome environmental challenges and, most importantly, other players. The Dreadlands are PVP zone where your upgrade, skills, and strategic choices will decide whether you chose to co operate with other players or go full DPS.
Not only does the Early Access version of Dreadlands come with a dynamic open world, but there’s also plenty of room to explore the campaigns. Each of the first two gang factions brings their own campaign with lots more due to come soon too.

We were impressed by the title when it hit beta earlier in the year, so take a look at the official website and check out the glory to be claimed in Dreadlands Early Access.


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