Dream Daddy Going Mobile This Summer

Dream Daddy

Let your Dream Daddy steal you away this summer as the hit indie dating sim goes mobile. This June and July Dream Daddy is coming to Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms.

Dream Daddy is a visual novel of a very sensibility. Players picking up Dream Daddy are put in the shoes of their very own parental quandary, creating a Dad avatar and dating other Dads. With a range of hot Dads to romance and a wealth of suitable suitors, Dream Daddy is full of its own adventure. Side quests, mini-games, and a diverse set of endings all make for a game that is more than just a kitsch follow up to pigeon dating.

Voiced by The Game Grumps and friends, these daddies somehow managed to endear themselves in the hearts of gamers raking up some impressive scores on user reviews. Whether its the adorable concept, Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw’s fabulous writing or the utterly adorable pinup artwork that litters the game, there seems to be plenty to look forward to for new players.

This dreamy date sim is already available on Linux, Mac, PC, via Steam, and PlayStation 4 but it’s not much father until The Dads unleash their charms on mobile gamers. Android and iOS versions of the game will go live on 25 June, bringing the Dream Daddy: Dadrector’s Cut to commuters everywhere. The following month, on 2 July, the game will land on Nintendo Switch for the rest of us.

If you can’t wait to get out and date some stunning fatherly specimens or just end up making your date a Dad-saster then you can find out more about the game over at the game’s official twitter now.

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