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Vehicles. There are a lot of people who use them every day and still more who will take a vehicle from the ’70s and ’80s to fix them up. Developer Pixel Perfect Dude decided that it wasn’t enough and thus #Drive was born and now the action is real and you can drive forever, well at least until you crash. Find out how it really is below.


Like turning a page in a history book, #Drive takes you down those classic roads of yesteryear and adds a little spice to it. Pick the vehicle you want and just drive as far as you can. I absolutely loved this idea for an endless runner or endless driver as it were. After I picked my first car and the first map my engine started up and we rolled on down the road. The controls are a little tricky at first because of how sensitive it is but I quickly overcame that obstacle. Once you learn the patterns of the roads it becomes a breeze to navigate, however, the moving cars do tend to get in your way. If you over-correct as you are turning you may take that sudden stop into a pole or other obstacle. I had a lot of fun pushing through the different levels trying to earn free cars, postcards, and money.

Postcards are how you move to each new level as you have to collect them by traveling far distances and picking up items as you go. Each level requires you to have a certain amount to buy into the new track. Free cars are earned by completing certain tasks while in your runs like using your brakes or picking up doughnuts to distract the cops. The only way to avoid dying to cars is by getting a random pickup that places a plow right on the front of the car and you can just drive through them. Caps are items that float on the ground and after you pick up a streak they give you a red one earning more points to the run and postcards so pick up every one of them. This is what makes it a non-boring endless runner, having tasks to do.

Graphically, #Drive is fine being low-poly but I don’t like how tight the game is. I guess it would be better if the controls weren’t so sensitive to the point where I try to under compensate my turns and have the same issue as when I turn too much a crash. I don’t have any real big issues with this title other than the spacing of the road on the map. I wish it was a little bigger and that is the only other problem I have. The car selection and buying process are simple, just drive and earn coin then buy your upgrades. Everything is simplified enough that my son, who is ten, was able to pick it up and play it without issue.


Note: Our copy was reviewed on Switch with a code provided by PR.

Overall, #Drive is one of those feel-good runners where you just have to lose yourself to the gameplay and have a good time. Available now on the Nintendo Switch for $12.99 and available later on for android systems. My son and I enjoyed this title and we will continue to enjoy it trying to beat each other’s records.
  • Low-poly graphics work well for this runner
  • Simple to learn system
  • Fun for anyone
  • Maps are a bit tight
  • Controls are sensitive
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