Drone Strike Force Delivers Package Run Update

drone striek force package run update

Drone Strike Force, the aerial combat action game from Odisi Games, just unveiled a developer’s blog and a new Package Run game mode.

While the Package Run hasn’t gone live yet the latest letter from the producer that dropped on Steam details more about the newest game mode coming to Drone Strike Force. Just awaiting finishing polish, the newest mode for the arena action game doesn’t have a whole lot of details. We can’t imagine it’s quite how you’d expect your amazon package to arrive but might be something more akin to escort missions up in the clouds.

Another Payload

This isn’t the only information that the latest dev blog gave gamers eager for news on the drones. Alongside the new game mode, Drone Strike Force is due to get some sweeping balance and system changes. Balance changes will impact the Sentinal Class, Storm 99, Predator, and Olympus. While the Sentinel class should eventually handle in a more distinct manner, the Olympus will see options that allow it to charge up over time when in zoom.

Incoming system changes are focused on general playability and largely focus on getting into the game. Discoverability and matchmaking are a large component fo the system updates with the introduction of improved matchmaking and skirmishes to the game. Bots should also see generally more competent AI while the community will notice an improvement when creating tactics with your teammates. In addition, Odisi has started work on a new system to decouple ammo from energy.

While there isn’t an exact date for each of these changes, it’s good to see that development is keeping up with other drone titles out there  and we can’t wait to try out the Drone Strike Force Package Run update. If you haven’t tried out Drone Strike Force and experienced the three-dimensional shooter action that it brings to PC, then you can head over to Steam to try the demo or pick up this early access title before the machines take over the skies for real.


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