Drug Dealer Simulator Quick-Hit Review

Movies have gone a long way to explain what the drug dealer’s life is like and how bad it can get very quickly. Shootouts, car chases, dead drops, and more have been displayed for all to see. Now Byterunners Game Studio has developed Drug Dealer Simulator (DDS) to imitate the life of a low-level drug dealer. It’s full of different kinds of illicit narcotics and ways to split, modify, and sell them. This title is on sale on Steam for $19.99 USD, almost like they are trying to market it like a dealer. This is our Drug Dealer Simulator review.

In the beginning, there is Eddie and Eddie is your contact with the drug cartels. Through him, players will get all of the drugs for distribution to local customers as the underground career begins. The goal is to bring in more people to build a small and meager empire. To begin with, the contact will take you through a basic tutorial, instructing you in the ways of the deal.

All of your product purchases happen within your apartment on a personal laptop. Here you will contact Eddie, your clients, and order your product for distribution. Sales prices can also be adjusted here via the menu for higher profits. After all, the cartel will appreciate more money coming to them if the customers don’t care about the increased prices.


Your apartment is important for the business because of the prep-station. Here is where the splitting of the product occurs. You are given some basic materials to start with: a mixing tray and bottles of varying sizes to store products in. As you progress there will be more items to obtain for your crafting station. There is a grocery store to buy items like baking soda etc. Baking soda is very important to artificially increase the stock of certain substances. This will decrease the overall value of the product, so be careful not to do it too much.

There are cops on the streets during the night and day and they are to be avoided at all costs. If you stand near them in the daylight for too long they will come approach and search you. If carrying any substances that’s it for your character as you are caught. A backpack is needed to carry your deliveries to the clients and bigger bags can be earned. However, the bigger the bag the slower you will be as you try to get away from the cops. Since DDS is set up as a kind-of RPG, skills can be leveled up along the way. One way to avoid the cops is to invest in increased stats for running and carrying. These are particularly helpful early on.

Drug Dealer Simulator is a game that is still in production, but it has the core of its gameplay mechanics done enough to have a good experience while playing it. I have played a lot of simulator games and this one caught my eye simply because of an older game I played as a younger man called Druglord. Was this a similar game to that, not really, but it is worth a look as a way to blow some time if you are bored. I would probably not buy this as a long term option for gaming. For the price, it isn’t bad for what it is.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

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