Dual Universe Gets Beta Date & Subscription Fee

The much-anticipated sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe just got a little closer to launch as developer Novaquark reveals Beta plans and subscription details.

While other massive sci-fi MMORPGs might seem like they are perpetual vapourware, Dual Universe just hit a major milestone as developer Novaquark set a date for Beta. The groundbreaking massively multiplayer that is Dual Universe is going into its first beta on 27 August 2020. While the title has been toiling along in various states of development for a little time now, you might remember it from our Gamescom 2018 reports. Players looking to try out this new will blast into a brand new environment that has been wiped clean for Beta and the ongoing NDA restrictions that come with testing Dual Universe ahead of launch ar also dropping, meaning you’re likely to see more of the title out on websites like Gamespace and over on streaming hubs too.

“We’ve been working on Dual Universe for over four years, and after completing the foundation for all main gameplay pillars, we’re presenting a solid idea of what this unique game offers to players and a fully playable game for Beta.” said Novaquark CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie. “This is a huge milestone for us, as it is the culmination of so much hard work from the developers and a direct result of the community’s commitment to improve the game. I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved.”

If you’ve not heard of Dual Universe then strap in pilot. You will probably need more than just your flight stick to win in this world builder. Feeling like something between a high tech Minecraft and EvE online, Dual Universe is a sci-fi world-building MMORPG coming to PC in 2021. Taking place in an expanding sandbox space, Dual Universe plays host to planets and systems where players can start by simply surviving but discover a much wider world to explore and shape. With some ingenuity, a grasp of physics, and even LUA code, you’ll be able to build everything from an arcade cabinet to massive spaceships.

If you’re looking to jump into the final game at beta then Novaquark has unveiled a pricing model for their title. Dual Universe will have a subscription to play, meaning that players who are used to games like Eve and Warcraft might be more inclined to give this a whirl. The cost of keeping up your starship is $6.99 or less depending on the length of pre-payment. If you’re looking for free beta access then you can still grab it for a short time over at the Dual Universe website now.


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