Dungeon of the Endless Is Coming To Console In May

Critically acclaimed roguelike Dungeon of the Endless is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles and it arrives on 15 May.

Adventurers that have experienced this fantastic tower defense come dungeon crawler on PC will be thrilled to learn that it is now set to crash land on a brand new set of platforms. Developed by Amplitude Studios and coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch thanks to Playdigious and SEGA, the pixel art experience is an almost unique mash-up of several influences. When a spacecraft and its crew crash land on an alien planet, the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon while waves of aliens attempt to overwhelm our heroes. As the game unfolds, you’ll be able to form your team and equip them adequately for upcoming challenges. Each crew member comes with their own strengths and weaknesses, including Ayairi Whairydd the pug, which all need to be balanced in order to succeed.

Why Explore?

While this team explores, the tower-style defenses require Dust collected during your exploration to operate. Scavenge the right loot and keep the nefarious alien hordes at bay with a range of advanced modules. This almost endless age of exploration comes with a whole ton of extras for console players. The aforementioned pug is now available as a base crew member right fro the off and the game comes with the Deep Freeze, Death gamble, Rescue Team, and Organic Matters add-ons as part of the conversion from PC. Portuguese and Spanish language support has been slotted in for the May release and the Switch version even includes a whopping 20% pre-order discount.

While Dungeon of the Endless console debut has taken something around five and a half years o happen, it seems that the wait has been worth it and Playdigious has successfully handled some seriously good ports, like Dead Cells and Cultist Simulator, of late. If you want to face the hordes, check out the console launch trailer above and keep an eye out on the Nintendo eShop and Playstation store now.


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