Dungeons 4 Unearthed Update 1.2 – Now With More Evil Laughter

Dungeons 4 Unearthed Update 1.2 - Now With More Evil Laughter

Developer Realmforge Studios and publisher Kalypso Media rolled out a new major update 1.2 for the dungeon manager/RTS Dungeons 4. The latest patch is available on Steam, Xbox Game Pass across console and PC Game Pass for PC, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S.

Update 1.2 adds more unlockable perks for Thalya, various new game options like UI scaling, mission and control changes, evil laughter via gamepad as well as performance optimizations. Tired of tiny letters, Absolute Evil can now also choose to disable subtitles.

Dungeons 4 – Update 1.2 Includes:

Added 4 new Thalya perks to the game which are unlocked by winning Skirmish Maps.

  • [Tumultuous Transport] Unlocks: “Travel Speed” -> 20% More Movement on the Overworld.
  • [Wave after Wave] Unlocks: “Evil Heroes” -> 50% more Evilness from Heroes, but they have 20% more HP.
  • [Break whatever is trying to break you!] Unlocks: “Guru Mass Slayer” -> You can now hit several Gurus at once.
  • [A Storm is Brewing] or [The Storming of Dollaran] Unlocks: “Old-School Demons” -> Demons are resurrected using Mana instead of Evilness.
Game Options
  • Added the option to increase the zoom distance further. The zoom distance can now be increased from “default” to “far”.
  • Added the option “UI scaling” to increase or decrease the scale of the UI via a slider.
  • Added the option to disable subtitles.
  • Reduced the default auto save interval to 15 minutes.
  • The “render resolution scaling” setting now also affects the main menu background.
  • [PC] [Audio] Added the option “Mute when out of focus” so that the game audio is automatically muted when the game window loses focus.

Check out the official Steam page to find the full list of changes.

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