Dungeons & Dragons Online Updated with New Content DLC

Standing Stone Games has announced that Dungeons & Dragons Online has been updated to bring the new Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh content DLC into the venerated MMO. This new D&D adventure is tailored for both low and high-end players as they work to save a town from mysterious forces overshadowed by mysterious lights, ghostly hauntings, and an evil alchemist’s mansion.

Features include:

  • New monsters such as Bullywugs, Giant Crocodiles, Water Weirds, and the Nightmare.
  • New Systems including Monster Manual 8 and a rework of the Scroll/Seals/Shards crafting system
  • New areas to explore including the Saltmarsh village, a smuggler’s ship called the Sea Ghost and a haunted house
  • New items including 15 new Filigree Sets, new Heroic and Epic Augments, 1 of every weapon type in Heroic and Epic, and new Heroic and Epic equipment gear sets
  • Brand new music

The standard edition of the content DLC is $19.99. The Collector’s Edition is $59.99 and the Ultimate Edition is $99.99.

VIPs will receive 10% off any package. There is also a Special Gift for VIPs who buy Saltmarsh and log in during the launch month. All three bundles will feature Monster Manual Volume 8, which covers monsters like Satyrs, Wights, Animated Objects, and more. The Collector and Ultimate editions also have two new exciting features for players:

  • Horizon Walker – a new universal enhancement tree/bow-wielding hunter that traverses planes to track down enemies they’ve marked as their prey.
  • Rogue Hireling – a permanent Rogue hireling for all your characters! The Collectors Edition has a heroic level one, and Ultimate has both the Heroic level one and the Epic level one.

Check out the Dungeons & Dragons Online official site to learn more.

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