Dying Light 2 Delayed to February 4, 2022

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 Stay Human is being delayed until after the first of the year. The game is now scheduled to arrive on February 4, 2022, about three months later than anticipated. Developers have cited the need for more development time in order to “bring the game to the level we envision”. This additional time will be used to squash bugs, polish the game, and optimize it.

“We are sorry to keep you all waiting a little longer, but we want the game to meet your highest expectations on release and we don’t want to compromise on this.” the letter states.

Developers have a bit of good news for those anticipating DL2. Starting in October, press and content creators will be able to try out both the PC and console versions of the game during special preview events to be held around the world. According to the site, these folks will be “able to share their experiences of The City” with fans and the community.

Check out the Dying Light 2 Stay Human official site to learn more.

About Dying Light 2

DL2 Stay Human is a story-driven open-world action role-playing game, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dying Light published in 2015, which has been played by over twenty million people all over the world. This time, players are visiting the City—mankind’s last stronghold in the fight against the virus. Developed parkour mechanics enable players to explore the vast open world and use tactical combat. The lost civilization and setting of the modern dark ages require creative approaches to finding items and crafting gear. Gameplay shifts during a day and night cycle, so players can dare to plunder abandoned lairs of infected at night and discover the dark secrets of those in power by the day. Players must choose which side they want to take and write their own story.

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