Dying Light Gets First of Ten DLC in Content Drop #0


Techland is using its new “Gemly” platform to release the first DLC for Dying Light. As part of the game’s success, players will receive ten DLC over the coming year, all for free.

Dying Light & DLC

Over the course of the next year, players will enjoy ten free DLC drops. This first one is called Content Drop #0 and is currently available for PC. Console players will see the DLC at a later date.

Content Drop #0 includes a new faction of soldiers set to cause havoc in the Old Town; the Mutated Goon, a new zombie enemy; a new player outfit called ‘Hunted’; and a new weapon, ‘Harran Military Rifle’ (available exclusively at Gemly). The new content is  available by updating to the latest version of the game.

Techland is using its own Gemly distribution platform going forward for DLC release. The company promises exclusive content for its games as well as content from Techland and other publishers. It is also a tool for community fans to interact with one another.

On top of the new in-game rifle, creating a free Gemly account gives players access to personalized newsletters, exclusive offers, and first-hand development updates about Techland’s titles. The platform will be continuously expanded with new functionalities, including  a dedicated support page, the community hub, and an in-depth statistics system for DL and upcoming Techland games.

Check out the Drop #0 trailer before heading to the game’s official site or the Gemly site.

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