Dynasty Warriors 9 Headed West with an All-New Omega Force Adventure

Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo America is sending players on an journey across China with Dynasty Warriors 9. Players will discover new features and characters as well as a new open-world to explore.

Dynasty Warriors 9

There are a number of new features that players will discover in DW9. The open world is ready for discovery as players move across China. More than a few new features have been brought into the game including weather and day/night cycles. Players will need to use their surroundings to win battles as well as use their smarts to avoid conflict.

Other features include:

  • regular and critical mission paths
  • history told from different angles
  • 83 characters from the series’ past games
  • new characters to meet

While little else is known at the moment, the team promises to reveal more about everything in the near future. You can check out the official site and sign up for the newsletter.

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