Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Takes the Fight to Mobile Devices

Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed has been…unleashed…on the world for both iOS and Android devices. Nexon worked with Keoi Tecmo to bring out the latest game in the well-known series.

Unleashing your inner Dynasty Warrior

DWU brings back nearly 50 classic characters and sends them out to battle in both single- and multi-player modes.

The game includes several different game types including:

  • Conquest – the campaign in both single and multiplayer
  • Skirmish – up to 4 players duke it out for dominance
  • Boss fights – skip the “in between” and head straight to the big bad
  • Raid – pure multiplayer action to steal their stuff
  • War Supply – find and keep mines away from opponents

Players have access to many characters from the series including Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Xiahou Dun and Zhao Yun. Each is equipped with ancient armor and ancestral weapons along with the skill to use them to best advantage. Combat is fast and furious with flying fists and blades as players mow their way across the battlefield.

You can check out the official site or head straight to the App Store or Google Play.

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