E3 Trailer Welcomes You To OlliOlli World

Fans of OliOlli, the indie skateboarding adventure, got a new E3 trailer for OlliOlli World this weekend.

Over the course of E3, you’ll have seen the Twitter memes and AAA titles, but Private Division and Roll7’s upcoming OlliOlli World trailer deserves some of your time. The upcoming action platforming skateboarding title is set to launch later this year, but first, you can take a good look at what’s coming in the trailer above. Kickflipping its way onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, and PC,

OlliOlli World follows up on the original 2014 OlliOlli by grinding its way through the world of Radlandia, a bright new world for you to explore. As you kick, flip, and twist your way through this delightful new version of OlliOlli, you’ll take on a whole array of challenges,m missions, and make a ton of new friends along the way. As you make your own way through the unusual new environments, you can simply try to reach new heights on your own or challenge others in leagues. It’s a very different type of Skateboarding sim, that takes a slightly more eccentric approach than Tony Hawks, but we’re all in on this tricky new platformer.

In this recent E3 trailer, the charismatic BB Hopper is your one-of-a-kind tour guide, as he presents some of the wonderful sights and vibrant sounds of Radlandia. Your gorgeous (and incredibly successful) amphibian host introduces a few of the delightful characters you’ll meet, alongside the miles of intricate tracks that are ready for players to skate, jump and grind across, as they travel through bustling cities, vast deserts, mysterious forests, and lush mountain trails. Check out the video above, and find out more about OlliOlli World on the official website now.

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