EA Announces that The Sims is Coming to Mobile Platforms

EA - The Sims

After just 17 years, EA has announced that The Sims is heading to mobile devices. It is, in fact, already in “soft launch” in several countries. While it’s not the first Sims game to head off the desktop, it’s the ‘truest’ port yet.

EA launches a mobile site & details

After the announcement of The Sims Mobile, the company unleashed a new site and details. Players will have the full range of Sims features they expect in any game sharing its name.

Players will be able to create and customize their own Sims as well as form their personalities, homes and relationships. Of course, there are also the really fun parts of any Sims game like annoying the neighbors as well as sending them off to interact with other players. The horror!

The Sims

The end game consists of keeping Sims alive and working until they get old enough to “retire”. Once there, heirlooms unlock to benefit future generations.

*sniffs* It’s almost like having a real family! The best part is that it can all be taken on the road. Those Sims will never languish at home slowly starving to death.

I’m so proud.

Look for The Sims in the App Store or on Google Play in the near future. In the meantime, head to the official site to learn more.

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