Eagle Eyes Supersight 4in1 Vision Enhancement System Review

Eagle Eyes 4in1

As gamers and tech enthusiasts, we look at screens for hours every day. If that applies to you, then you already know the negative effects that can have. Eye strain, headaches, difficulty falling asleep… but what if I told you that all of these were avoidable? Well, it’s true. Today, we’re looking at the 4in1 system from Eagle Eyes that includes a set of four different lenses to enhance your vision and comfort in every corner of your day. This is our review of the Eagle Eyes 4in1 Vision Enhancement System.


  • Price: $119.95 USD (Eagle Eyes Web Store)
  • Base Frame: Flexible TR-90, Shiny Black, Clear
  • Clip-On Frame: TR-90, Matte Black
  • Lens Technology: DigiTec™ Lens Technology, TriLenium® Polarized, Night-Lite® and StimuLight® lenses
  • Activity: Outdoor/Indoor
  • Included Accessories: Zipper Case and Microfiber pouch

Over the last decade, I’ve spent a lot of time in front of screens. Whether it was writing papers in college, covering video games for review, or sitting down to write an article, screens have been a major part of my life. Over the last few years, however, I noticed that I felt tired a lot more. Well, at least thought it was tiredness. I turns out that was only half true. What I was feeling was eyestrain and the residual stinging effects that screen time. I started reminding myself to blink more, take breaks, and it helped but I was never able to completely shake my own tired eyes.

The other thing that happened was that I started to stay up later. Interesting, since I thought I was tired, no? But even when I’d try to go to bed early, it was a 50/50 shot whether I would actually fall asleep right away. My mind had trouble shutting off and before I knew it, there I was popping my phone open again. It was a viscous cycle.

That is, until now. This year, I finally decided to try my first pair of blue light filtering glasses and it made a world of difference. Combined with extra blinking, my eye strain all but disappeared. If I was conscientious about wearing them, I even found myself falling asleep easier. What I was experiencing wasn’t just tiredness (though that was and is a part – I have three kids and teach third grade – it’s the season I’m in), it was the negative effects of blue light.

Unfortunately, that pair was frankly a bit too “gamer” to take out of the house. The lenses were also easily scratched, so anytime I wore them I had to be hyper aware that nothing touched them. And then Joseph reviewed Eagle Eyes 4in1 system for MMORPG.com and I knew I had to check them out for myself. They accomplished the same thing but looked… well, normal. Normal eyewear you could wear out of the house without people giving you the side-eye. Those of you who have worn gamer-gear of used laptops with the word gaming in the name know what I mean.

What really makes the Eagle Eyes 4in1 system special is that includes magnetically swappable lenses to take care of your eyes throughout all parts of your day. The default lens is the blue-light filtering DigiTec. For those of us who also have long commutes or spend a good amount of time outside, you have polarized TriLenium shades that block 99.9% of UVA & UVB and are supposedly built from original NASA technology for visual acuity. For Low Light, Eagle Eyes has included a set of StimuLight enhancement lenses designed to draw out more contrast and definition in what you’re viewing. Finally, we have our Night-Lite anti-glare lenses designed to filter out high glare light from things like oncoming headlights and neon signs.

Of these, I found myself using the blue light filtering lenses the most, though did occasionally use the Night-Lite lenses as well. Both of these worked very well. Combined with regular blinking, filtering out the blue light and the harsh glares from night time driving, my eyes felt much better. Maybe it’s because I’ve always associated having tired eyes with having a tired body, but I felt more energized in the evenings, less ready to just close my eyes and doze off. Put another way, I feel more human.

The downside is that, as a smaller man, the glasses are still a bit too large to look “right” on my face in social situations or out running errands. The thick frames actually line up exactly with my eyebrows which looks a bit funny, if I’m being honest, but that’s a quirk relating entirely to my own head. The style here is definitely modern, embracing the thicker frames that are in vogue. Sadly, there’s not a range of style options. Likewise, there’s no option for prescription lenses, which is something I definitely hope they offer in the future.

All-in-all, the Eagle Eyes 4in1 system feels like a good value for the money, so long as you don’t need those prescription lenses. At $119, they’re more expensive than most stand-alone pairs of blue light glasses, but you’re getting much more than that here. If you enjoy the style, this is a glasses system designed for your whole day and can change your life for the better. It’s definitely worth a look.


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