Earn 1,000+ New Steam Achievements in EA Games

EA Achievements

EA developers have been busy bees lately and the company has added over a thousand brand new Steam achievements to its stable of games now live on the gaming platform. Players can rest easy: All of the achievements are retroactive so if they’ve been earned via Origin, they’ll also appear as earned on Steam.

Based on popular demand, EA has enabled over 1000 Steam achievements for a large number of recently released games including Battlefield V, Titanfall 2, and Need for Speed Heat. During game-play, you can now complete certain objectives and unlock achievements as a result. Achievement progress is retroactive, meaning if you’ve completed the objective already in Origin or Steam, you’ll be granted the achievement in Steam.

Players can earn achievements in all of EA’s Steam games including the Mass Effect series, Jedi Fallen Order, the Dragon Age series, Battlefield games, the Need for Speed franchise, Star Wars: Battlefront games, and several others.

Once a game is added to Steam, the achievements will be available. However, they will not be listed as complete until after the game is launched from Steam. At that time, any achievements previously earned on Origin will appear on Steam.

Check out the EA achievement announcement on Steam for more details.

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