Earthfall: New Map Annouced

Game Developer Holospark has just announced a new map for their team based shooter Earthfall. This Sci-fi shooter, which is currently in early access on steam, offers up to four players a co-operative shooter experience where they must work together to scavenge, fortify and survive in a post-alien invasion world. The new map offers a challenging new mission for players forcing them to locate and retrieve data from a tracking device. Set against a winter backdrop this new mission promises a challenging co-op experience for players.

The game boasts several story-based campaigns, each new story continuing to unpack the world of Earthfall for the players to discover. Earthfall also uses a dynamic spawn system that essentially creates a unique experience with every playthrough. Focused on four-player co-op experience, Earthfall is built from the ground up with team tactics in mind. Earthfall is currently available in Early Access on Steam with a console release coming soon. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at the world of Earthfall.

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