Easter Event Live for Tactical Monsters!

Fans of the Free to play RPG Strategy game Tactical Monsters are in for a treat over the Easter Holiday!  The Easter update will focus on a new hero, Thumper, the Easter Bunny!  Alongside this update they are having a Spring Easter Sale where gems are discounted throughout the game.

The update brings two new heroes, Thumper the Easter Bunny, and Ares the War God.  Thumper is an experimental rabbit that escaped Dr. Walter’s lab on Easter, contaminated by radioactive material used to build the portal.  Ares is the son of Zues, bloodthirsty for war, he is armed with a Holy Shield that can block any attack and a spear that can be used at all angles!  Aside from the new heroes, a new Easter Theme has been brought to the main city.  Random mystery eggs will be hidden throughout the game for a Scavenger hunt event.  An update to the clan system that brings in a new clan chest where you battle monsters together to get prizes and rare cards on Sundays from other clan members.

New languages also come with this update.  Bringing the total language count to 23 different languages including: English, Espanol, Tagalog, Itallano, Dutch, Norsk, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Polski and more!

Checkout the game on the Apple App Store, Mac App Store, Steam, or Google Play Store! 

For more details, visit the Tactical Monsters website!


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