Easter Fun Hops Into Dauntless with the Springtide Event

Dauntless Springtide 2022

Phoenix Labs has announced that spring has sprung in Dauntless thanks to the arrival of the annual Springtide event. Slayers will be able to take part in a number of fun events and earn some cool items along the way. Springtide runs from now through April 14th.

Here’s what players can take part in:

  • Run the Pufflehop Rescue Mission quest and earn “delightful new rewards”. This is a matchmade event hunt started by visiting Markus Boehr in Ramsgate and is only available to players who have completed Slayer Path Node II.
  • Earn an “egg-citing title and crown” for completing Springtime Eggventures
  • Pick up carrot chips by completing the Pufflehop Rescue Mission and the Pufflehop Rescue Quest that can then be traded for Springtide rewards at Ozz’s Event Shop. These include the Puffletoppers helm skin from 2020, the Ruffletoppers helm skin from 2021, and the Fluffletoppers helm skin for 2022.
  • Head to the store for bunny-themed cosmetics and curiosities

What is Springtide without its iconic eggs? After completing the Pufflehop Rescue quest, seek out barkeep Tressa Froller at the bar in Ramsgate to start the Springtime Eggventures quest. Complete this quest to earn an egg-citing new title and crown!

Check out all the details by visiting the Dauntless official site.

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