Echoes of Mana – Developers Shared Post-Launch Plans

Echoes of Mana - Developers Shared Post-Launch Plans

Wright Flyer, the developers of recently released mobile RPG Echoes of Mana, has taken to the official site of the game to share the update regarding future plans. It has been a bit of time since the launch of the game, and the team received invaluable player feedback regarding not having enough stamina, AI-controlled ally behavior, not having enough lucre, event rewards, etc.

The developers have shared a list of planned improvements and updates, addressing and fixing the reported issues and more. The developers are also investigating long loading times, heavy battery usage and developing functions to support screen rotation.

  • The limit on usage of AP/SP recovery items has been lifted.
  • The amount of obtainable lucre from Daily Training Quests has been increased.
  • For missions involving upgrade, unleash, or bond level etc., the issue has been fixed where performing the required action multiple times at once is only counted as 1 time.

In a number of updates hitting mid-May, the developers will introduce such changes as:

  • When a co-op quest has failed, 0 SP will be spent;
  • A campaign will be held including added daily missions with AP/SP recovery item rewards.
  • Allies with recover skills will be have their recover skill use frequency increased.
  • A campaign will be held with a 2/3 cut to SP requirement for Daily Training Quests.
  • A lucre-based item dungeon will be added to the training quest list to give players more options to amass more lucre.
  • A new gear dungeon will be added to the training quest list.

Follow the link above to see the full list of planned changes.

About Echoes of Mana:

In Echoes of Mana you get to meet all-new original characters and ally with familiar faces from the other Mana titles to search for the legendary Mana Sword that holds the key to saving all life. Guided by the Mana Goddess, you will set on a journey across the widely acclaimed fantasy world, welcoming both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

  • 2D Action RPG with Simple Controls & Layers of Features
  • Swipe and tap with ease using skills and items to dominate the battlefield!
  • Co-op battle with other players against tough bosses!
  • Mix and match characters old and original into your party, then lead your customized team to victory in battle!

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