Eden Falling Setting Shown in New In-Engine Cinematic

The world of Eden Falling isn’t a pretty…or a safe…one. Razor Edge Games has released a new in-engine cinematic trailer to show off a dark and frightening world.

Here’s what we know about Eden Falling

After an asteroid nearly wiped out all of humanity, like-minded people gathered into seven factions to rebuild the world. You are one mere survivor, given the freedom to join one of the factions, scavenge the wastelands alone, or create your own faction to wipe out the rest.

It is a turn-based RPG video game, allowing players to actively shape their play experience and the world around them. The game world feels like a living one, with aspects like aging and permadeath to alter how players approach new challenges. Fortunately, a robust skill-based system and an in-depth weapon modification system allow players to stay alive..

Players interested in learning more about these in-development systems can join the community now at the Razor Edge Games forums. Also, more trailers and dev vlogs will be released as “Eden Falling” development continues.

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