Egress – Alpha Gameplay Footage

The developers from Fazan have published the Alpha Gameplay footage of their upcoming role-playing Battle Royale game Egress. The project is slated to feature intense hardcore souls-like melee combat system utilizing dodges, ability combinations and more. There will be heroes with unique abilities, weapons and ways to become stronger.

The events of the game take place in an alternate universe multi-levelled city, combining Victorian era with Lovecraftian mythology. You can find out more and sign up for the future beta tests through the official site.

The game’s site features short overviews of a variety of characters that will be available to players:

  • The Guardian. Experienced guard with his faithful mace, which actually turned into a blast furnace to crush the skulls of his enemies with sparks and crackles.
  • The vampire. A creature from another world who came to this universe through a portal. He has incredible ability to regenerate. Vampire uses the blood of his enemies, and he carefully keeps this blood inside his body in a special flask.
  • Hunter  will use his faithful “bloodhound” in a battle – a huge poleaxe with a detachable trap
  • The latest announced character is an Alchemist named Amanda. However, there is not much known about her besides her appearance

You can find out more on the project’s Steam page.

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