Elder Scrolls Legends – New Packs & the Competitive Scene


The holidays are really upon us and Elder Scrolls Legends wants you to join in the fun. With the latest update, you can get hold of the New Life Festival Packs just in time for holiday TCG-action. In addition, the development team has some interesting thoughts about building a competitive scene and how they want to accomplish that.

New Life Festival packs

New Life Festival packs have 10 Core packs, 10 Heroes of Skyrim packs and three “playsets” of new alternate art cards. These special cards feature Leaflurker, Master of Arms and Alduin.

In addition, a number of cards have been tweaked for better game play. These cards include Hist Grove, Thieves Guild Recruit and several others.

You can check out the full update notes on the official site.

Elder Scrolls Legends & the Competitive Scene

The ESL site has also been updated with a new letter to the community about the game’s competitive scene. While Bethesda is down with a broad worldwide competitive angle to the game, developers feel that more needs to be put into place before that goal can be reached.

Here’s some of what the letter has to say:

With regard to community:

All successful esports come from an enthusiastic community. As a company we cannot simply declare Legends an esport overnight. The most successful competitive games require a robust community of people who want to grow the game and its merits as a sport.

This means that new player experiences and retention must be abundant, because a community needs a constant influx of new players who are excited about the game, and we want those players to have the best experience possible right from the start. We spent a lot of the latter half of 2017 looking at this experience and we’ll continue to make refinements as we believe it’s important to the overall health of the game and the community.

Tools for building a competitive community:

We want to empower players to organize their own tournaments, including the ability for admins to pair people up, two-player spectator view on delay, and more. The work toward implementing these tools is a huge priority for us, but we aren’t quite ready to share a release timeframe or defined feature list.

And for the future:

Our vision of the competitive scene is one where all players can qualify for major and minor events, accumulate points, and then lay everything on the line at one large marquee event. This isn’t a small task – it requires time, coordination and support.  We expect to start working toward this vision in 2018, but it will not happen overnight. We’ve been transparent with the game and its development in the past and we’ll continue to do that as we move forward with supporting the game on a competitive level.

Read the full update at the link above.

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