Elder Scrolls Legends is Calling You to Battle – Answer the Phone!


Elder Scrolls Legends is calling all warriors to battle. Will you answer? The mobile TCG has now landed on both Google Play and the App Store.

Elder Scrolls Legends

The mobile game is a trading card title that brings the popular series’ lore to life in a new way. Players will find many of the well-known characters and locations from the RPGs as well as enough twists and turns to suit and lore hound.

Elder Scrolls Legends is free to download and play with card packs available for purchase.  Elder Scrolls Legends features 1v1 battles between players. It is meant to be easy to learn, but difficult to master. Players of all levels and abilities can enjoy the game whether they have 15 minutes or several hours to engage in battles.

You’ll enter the world of Legends through its story-driven single-player campaign, exploring the world of Tamriel as you discover the game’s mechanics and card types. The campaign will jump-start your collection, earning you five pre-constructed decks as you advance through the increasingly challenging and fun adventure. You can then either tweak those decks, or use the cards to build completely new decks.

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