Elder Scrolls Legends Released for PC, More Platforms Coming Soon

Elder Scrolls Legends - fall of the dark brotherhood

PC trading card game fans will be happy to hear that Elder Scrolls Legends is now a thing. Bethesda also revealed more platforms coming as well as The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood DLC.

Elder Scrolls Legends – The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood

The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood will contain a huge new adventure along with 25 missions and 40 cards. The events take place just prior to those found in Skyrim. Players completing missions will earn new cards that can only be found in the DLC. There are also three new Legendary cards that can be unlocked. The new content will be released on April 5th for $19.99.

As for other platforms, Bethesda announced the following:

  • iPad coming on March 23rd
  • Android tablet version in April
  • Mac heading out this spring
  • Android phones coming in Summer 2017

Lastly, Twitch integration and spectator mode have been announced along with a second expansion in the summer.

We have a whole host of new features in store for 2017. We’ll continue with regular releases of new Stories as well as full card sets every few months. We want Legends to grow for all players.

You can learn more by heading to the official site.

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  1. Says iPad, but no iPhone planned?

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