Elder Scrolls Online Devs Showcase the Companion System

Elder Scrolls Online

When Blackwood arrives in Elder Scrolls Online in the very near future, players will have a brand new and exciting system to check out. The Companion System allows players to travel alongside an AI ally for fun and adventure. To showcase all of the horizontal progression provided with the new Companion System, the ESO team posted a brand new blog with all of the details.

“The goal of the Companions system is to provide you with unique adventuring allies to explore the world with who will grow under your care and provide customizable combat support,” explains Philip Draven, ESO’s Lead Systems Designer. “By developing your Companion to be the perfect complement to your own playstyle, they’ll be able to help you tackle challenges that may have been just out of reach before and provide assistance when another player is not available to join you.”

Here are the major highlights:

  • Companions are combat allies as well as travel buddies. They can take on all major roles including tank, DPS, healer, or support.
  • When Blackwood launches, two unique companions will be available after completing a specific questline.
  • Companions are completely customizable in how they look and fight. Companions have specific gear, traits, and abilities to use. They can also have a custom appearance and can even wear unlocked costumes and outfit collectibles the player has available. Even mounts can be customized for their use.
  • Throughout the journey in ESO, players will build rapport with companions where good or bad actions on the player’s part can have consequences for the relationship with the active companion. Building rapport unlocks new dialog options, companion-specific quests, and the ability to add them to a player’s home as a houseguest.

Blackwood will be launching in ESO on June 1st for PC and Stadia players and on June 8th for console players.

Check out the full blog post on the Elder Scrolls Online official site.

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