Elder Scrolls Online – Flames of Ambition Arrives

The Elder Scrolls Online team has announced the release of the Flames of Ambition DLC for PC players of the popular MMORPG. This is the first content that begins exploring what will arrive with the year-long Gates of Oblivion expansion. Players with ESO Plus membership have the DLC included or it can be purchased separately from the Crown Shop. The console version of Flames of Ambition will arrive on March 16th.

While Flames of Ambition is a for-purchase DLC, all players will receive Update 29 for free. It includes a host of changes and improvements including a redesigned Champion System for high-level players.

Flames of Ambition brings new content to the game including a pair of new dungeons, the first story beats for Gates of Oblivion, new rewards, achievements, and collectibles, and much more.

The two dungeons are:

  • Black Drake Villa – In Black Drake Villa, players will team up with the adventurous Wood Elf scout Eveli Sharp-Arrow and search the hidden archives of a once-proud mansion that is now home to monsters and arsonists.
  • The Cauldron – In The Cauldron, the cult of the Waking Flame has enslaved the local townsfolk and now excavates sinister ruins deep within a long-forgotten mine. With the help of the Dremora Lyranth, players will battle their way through Daedric beasts and cultists, free the captives, and put a stop to their plans.

Check out the full update notes on the Elder Scrolls Online official site.

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