Elder Scrolls Online “Scalebreaker” to launch August 12th

Elder Scrolls Online - Scalebreaker

During this weekend’s QuakeCon 2019, Elder Scrolls Online developers announced that the Scalebreaker DLC will launch on August 12th for PC. The console version of Scalebreaker will launch on August 27th.

Scalebreaker brings a number of things to ESO including the Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok dungeons and, of course, lots more dragons! The DLC is part of the ESO Plus subscription plan or it can be purchased separately. However, all players will receive Update 23 for free that also includes some nice goodies such as multi-crafting, undaunted key management options, battleground updates and more.

During the ZeniMax panel “Building Tamriel”, the team also revealed a roadmap of technical and performance updates that will be coming to ESO. These will be deployed in Q4 2019, Q1-Q2 2020 and include the following:

Elder Scrolls Online Tech Improvements

If you’d like to check out the full hour-long Building Tamriel presentation, you can do so below.

From the description:

“Building Tamriel — The Evolution of ESO – Join ESO Game Director Matt Firor and Creative Director Rich Lambert — and members of the #ESOFam in the audience and online — for a discussion about the evolution of ESO through the years. From One Tamriel to Elsweyr, they’ll explore the pinnacle moments that made the game what it is today, and how the game grown and changed with the community to become one of the largest online game communities around. Panelists include Matt Firor (Game Director, ZeniMax Online Studios), Rich Lambert (Creative Director, ZeniMax Online Studios). Hosted by Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno.”

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